Oct 18, 2011

World Food Day Celebration in the U.S. and Tokyo

We had a great turnout on October 14th, over 300 TFT supporters from 4 sites across the world saying "Itadakimasu!" (or "Bon Appetit!") in unison in celebration of World Food Day.  TFT also raised close to $3,000 across the three U.S. sites, enough to provide over 60 children with a warm lunch for an entire school year.  In addition to the evening event, a panel discussion was held during the daytime at George Mason University, featuring 4 experts on food and nutrition.

We would also like to thank our supporters who made this event possible.
  • Kikkoman
  • Crossmedia
  • Sanraku
  • Yamasho
  • 2G
  • Kubota
  • Calbee America
  • Kirin
  • Haamonii
  • New People
  • Designer Tomoko Maruyama
  • Maboroshi Winery
  • Smile Well
  • JEPIC(Japan Electric Power Information Center)
  • Sushi Taro
  • Rice Bar
  • Yosaku
  • Maneki-neko
  • The Kitano Hotel
  • FUJI Catering
  • Ito En
  • Old Soulz
Columbia University School of International and Public Affairs (New York, NY)
San Francisco State University (San Francisco, CA)
Arlington, Virginia
George Mason University (Fairfax, Virginia)

Oct 17, 2011

世界食料デーイベント in TOKYO/ World Food Day Event

10/16世界食料デーに合わせ、東京では青山一丁目のFIAT CAFEEで


そして支援先のルワンダ バンダ村のご紹介をさせていただきました。

さらにTFT編著「世界をつなぐ あこがれ企業の社員食堂レシピ」の執筆リーダー・飯島から、






【TFTハロウィンシールつき】ぼっちゃんかぼちゃ は好評発売中です。



Oct 15, 2011

The World food day

Tomorrow is the day!
In Japan, TFT supporters will host events at 7 different locations.
Thanks everyone for taking a part of this massive global "Itadakimasu" project!




press conference in Tokyo

We held a press conference for the world food day campaign named "1 million Itadakimasu!"  in Tokyo!
Masa and Dan introduced TFT's recent expansion  all over the world, and participants' companies introduced their new TFT brand foods/services.
Yomiuri newspaper and itmedia reported it.


TFT代表の小暮、そしてTFT USA代表のDanからキャンペーンの概要やTFTの世界での広がりについて紹介させていただいたり、キャンペーン参加各社からの新商品や新サービスをご紹介いただきました。


Last minute preparations in New York

TFT supporters in New York created a hand-made "Itadakimasu" sign and a great banner we'll be able to use in future events.  Thanks everyone!

Oct 14, 2011

Itadakimasu from UGANDA

TFT Uganda is really pleased to be a part of the World Food Day connecting with the rest of the world. This year’s World Food Day will be celebrated in Arua in Northwestern Uganda.

Like many parts of the world, Uganda also has a food shortage in most parts of the country with soaring food prices.

Looking at previous scenarios where poverty in Uganda has been a very huge problem
with more than half the country living below the poverty-line, the upswings in food prices are causing an even bigger threat to food security in the country.

We at TFT Uganda strongly commend the TFT concept that has made it possible for two different people from different parts of the world to share the same meal at the same time.

Credit and thanks go to Table for Two for their “Priceless and continued miraculous support” to many schools in Uganda that has seen an improvement on the health and education of School Children.

Message from Thailand

I had the great fortune of getting to know TABLE FOR TWO USA during my last semester of grad school. It did not take long for Fumi, Co-president of TFT USA, to convince me to join him on his mission to fight two nutrition related epidemics: obesity and hunger. The business model of TABLE FOR TWO is as simple as it is powerful and combined with the drive, passion and hands-on mentality of the social entrepreneurs behind TABLE FOR TWO USA, I can assure you that it is worth keeping an eye on it. Or even better: get involved and join this venture on such a meaningful day, the World Food Day 2011.

Fabian Suwanprateep