Oct 8, 2011

Teaching of Steve Jobs

Hi from SF! 
It is only a week till the day of the event and we are all excited for the big day! 

As I've been promoting for the event, I realized that how much people actually want to get involved in a good cause.  San Francisco is what I call "the city of sustainability" so people are generally conscious about social/environmental issues. However, when I approach people and start talking about this event and Table For Two, they always get excited to know more about Table For Two. They might want to join the event for good food and drink/ meet people, but the best part is they can do it for a GOOD CAUSE, which makes them feel really good.. and we feel really good organizing this!

As you all know, the big news here in the Bay Area this week was the loss of Steve Jobs (Founder of Apple).

One of his quotes was,

"Being the richest man in the cemetery doesn't matter to me.. Going to bed at night saying we've done something wonderful.. that's what matters to me."


This is exactly what we feel getting involved in TABLE FOR TWO... 
Do you feel the same?

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